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Supercar rental prices in Dubai vary depending on the brand and other factors such as the time of year and rental duration. Contact Gateway Supercars Rentals or visit our supercar hire pages for detailed pricing information.

The pricing for luxury car rental services in Dubai varies based on factors like the car brand, model, rental duration, and more. Reach out to us through our website or by phone to learn more about luxury car rental pricing.

Sports cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and others generally have higher rental costs compared to regular sedans and SUVs. Prices for sports car rentals in Dubai are influenced by factors like the rental duration, time of year, car brand, and more. Explore our sports car rental pages or contact us for detailed rental pricing.

Gateway Supercars Rentals offers affordable luxury car rentals in Dubai. Some tips to avail of discounted prices include: 

  • Booking in advance
  • Avoiding airport delivery to evade parking fees
  • Using a credit card that provides basic insurance coverage
  • Seeking discount deals
  • Renting during off-peak tourism seasons
  • Being aware of cancellation fees
  • Thoroughly inspecting the car before driving
  • Paying tolls in cash whenever possible

Luxury car rental services in Dubai are accessible at the airport throughout the year. Tourists can either book a Dubai car rental service in person upon arrival or opt for the convenience of pre-booking online. Gateway Supercars Rentals offers online bookings ensuring on-time delivery or pick-up at the airport, available every day of the week, year-round.

Renting a car in Dubai provides numerous benefits to both locals and tourists. It enhances the convenience of sightseeing trips within the city, saves time during business or leisure travel, and allows flexibility to explore the city at any hour, day, or night. It’s an indispensable service for those seeking to discover everything this incredible city has to offer.

Absolutely. Luxury car rental services in Dubai are open to individuals who have recently obtained their driving license. As long as you’re 21 years or older, you can rent a car in Dubai, even with a newly acquired driving license.

While in Dubai, a simple Google search for “car rental near me” will yield good results. However, distance is no longer a barrier with technology. Book your Dubai car rental service with Gateway Supercars Rentals at any time, and we’ll deliver your desired car to any location in the city.

Gateway Supercars Rentals is a leading car rental business in Dubai, offering attractive discounts on various cars, SUVs, and vehicles. Experience premium car rental services in Dubai with the best cars at competitive prices.

Renting a car from Gateway Supercars Rentals is straightforward. Simply book your desired car for hire, pay the rental cost along with an upfront deposit, and receive it at your designated location. We offer doorstep delivery for both local residents and foreign tourists. Bookings can be made through our website as well.

Gateway Supercars Rentals is among the best service providers in Dubai, offering a wide range of exotic car rental options throughout the year. Explore our collection of sports cars, luxury cars, SUVs, and more, available at discounted prices. Fulfill your car fantasies any day of the week with our car rental services, catering to both locals and foreign tourists.

  1. The minimum age to access our car rental services is 20 years. However, please note that some services for sports cars or supercars might require a minimum age of 25 years.


Unfortunately, car rental services necessitate a valid driving license. Both locals and foreign tourists must possess a valid driving license. Gateway Supercars Rentals extends its services to individuals with a valid international or home country’s driving license, provided it is currently valid.

No, third-party liability insurance is a mandatory requirement for renting a car in Dubai. This insurance coverage ensures protection for other drivers and vehicles in case of accidents or similar incidents.

All cars provided by Gateway Supercars Rentals are fully insured, except for instances not covered by the insurance company. In case of an accident, the insurance coverage applies unless specified otherwise by the insurance provider.

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